TotallyAwesome launches the first kid-safe digital solution to measure effectiveness of ad campaigns

TotallyAwesome has launched BrandLift, a digital research solution across its digital ad marketplace, empowering brands to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns without compromising kids’ privacy.

The first COPPA-compliant method in the kid-tech space, BrandLift doesn’t require personal data collection or cookies to track exposed and control groups. With the first survey showing a 25% increase in product awareness ratings post campaign – exceeding all expectations – BrandLift promises to be a game changer for the kids’ consumer market.

The challenge: protecting privacy while measuring success

Kids’ digital advertising is regulated by privacy laws such as COPPA and GDPR. Under these regulations, advertisers cannot collect any personal data from kids aged under 13 years. As the use of cookies is prohibited in the kid-tech industry, measuring campaign impact has always been challenging up to now.


A powerful new solution for kids’ brands worldwide

 BrandLift is the first solution which enables brands and advertisers to measure effectiveness while staying compliant. Using a pre-campaign survey as a control group and a random sample of kids likely to see the ad as an exposed group, TotallyAwesome effectively tracks a campaign’s impact without collecting personal data from kids.

The first survey was launched in Australia in partnership with Schleich and applied to a mobile rich media campaign that was run on the TotallyAwesome marketplace. Kids were asked product-related questions before campaign delivery. After the campaign was run, kids likely to have seen the ad were asked the same questions again. The survey showed a 25% increase in product awareness ratings post campaign.

BrandLift can measure a range of performance indicators to reflect campaign objectives, including awareness, brand preference, affinity, and intent.

“We’re glad to be empowering our partners with effectiveness metrics that allow them to optimise their communications strategy, planning and creative development”, says TotallyAwesome CEO Quan Nguyen.


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