TotallyAwesome launches the first kid-safe VOD ad platform in APAC

TotallyAwesome, APAC’s leading kids digital media company, today announced the launch of its first video on demand (VOD) offering, available on its kid-safe ad platform.

With a recent survey showing that 77% of kids say they watch YouTube*, TotallyAwesome recognises kids’ consumption of online video content is on the rise. But this is not limited to YouTube, TV viewing on tablets and mobiles continues to grow rapidly, with 42% of 6-14 year olds watching TV on devices.

The lure of VOD for kids is easy to explain, combining the immersive experience of full screen viewing with the ability to choose exactly what they want to see, when they want to see it, and flexibility of viewing on a range of devices, in any environment.

VOD offers not only great reach but also a high co-viewing rate, with 72% of Asian/APAC parents saying they watch videos online together with their kids.

Used by kids’ brands across APAC to safely engage with the under-13 audience, TotallyAwesome already reaches more than 170 million kids monthly in the region. In Singapore TotallyAwesome partnered  with leading media company Mediacorp to extend this reach even further into dedicated VOD inventory, allowing true multi-platform engagement for kids brands.

Mediacorp’s Vice President Digital Sales, Solns & Ops, Jennifer Chase, said, “Okto is Singapore’s #1 channel for Kids, with twice the audience reach compared to kids´channels on cable. We provide this content via Toggle, Singapore’s #1 OTT platform.  Most importantly, we provide a brand-safe environment for kids to engage and be entertained. We are excited to partner with TotallyAwesome who provide a platform that provides a compliant, kid-safe environment for advertisers.”

With kids’ data privacy and safety becoming an increasingly high profile topic in Asia, brands are quickly adopting international standards and guidelines such as the COPPA (US data privacy law for children) and GDPR-K (the new kids data privacy requirements under GDPR in Europe).  TotallyAwesome’s ‘kidtech’ is specifically designed for these privacy requirements and is now used by dozens of brands and agencies in the region’s kids’ digital media sector. The company’s marketplace uses only contextual targeting to keep brands compliant with the highest standards of child data privacy laws.

TotallyAwesome’s CEO Quan Nguyen stated: “Kids are switching their preference from traditional programmed TV to digital TV content with VOD viewing being one of the most popular activities. We’re pleased to have such great partners to expand the reach of our marketplace with this new format and are working on similar launch partnerships in other APAC countries in the coming months. We provide high quality international and local content for kids that entertains, engages and educates. We deliver this content across linear and non linear platforms to cater to all media consumption habits.  Kids are an important, niche audience for Mediacorp that need to be treated with care.”

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*Source: TotallyAwesome APAC Kids’ Digital Insights 2018: internet users aged 6-14; n= 2,700; markets: AU, ID, IN, MY, NZ, PH, SG, TH, VN

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