TotallyAwesome partners with Nickelodeon Australia to create and distribute kid-safe social media content via new local PopJam channel

Sydney August 2019 

TotallyAwesome has partnered with Nickelodeon Australia to successfully launch a local PopJam channel for the iconic kids entertainment brand, allowing them to safely communicate to their under-13 audience in Australia via the leading kid-safe and COPPA compliant social media content platform. 

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Top global YouTube stars CKN Toys and The Norris Nuts, join the likes of JoJo Siwa, as Kidfluencers on fun kid-safe app PopJam!

PopJam, the world’s leading kids safe-social content sharing platform, now counts top global YouTube stars CKN Toys and The Norris Nuts, joining the likes of JoJo Siwa, as Kidfluencers on the fun app!

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Why PopJam is where YouTube creators are building kid-safe communities around their content

Platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube are all designed for adult audiences and despite being used by vast numbers of kids, have no support for under-13 engagement (in fact, legally they can’t).

As kids overwhelm these adult platforms, some are reacting by simply shutting down engagement. TikTok has created a whole new user experience (with dramatically curtailed functionality) for its younger users, while YouTube has taken the radical move of switching off comments for any videos created by (or intended for) kids or family users.

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Enabling COPPA-compliant programmatic advertising through our KidSafe Filter

The recent enforcement action against Oath’s ad exchange (formerly known as AOL) for breaching COPPA has put a spotlight on programmatic advertising to children. The case highlighted some important issues including the fact that using the ‘COPPA flag’ does not work. In fact, the only guaranteed way for advertisers to be compliant in programmatic ad buying is through a dedicated kidtech solution.

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Brands targeting under-18s face mounting pressure ahead of India’s comprehensive Personal Data Protection Law

2018 was a defining year for data privacy protection in India. Following the Supreme Court’s landmark judgement to make privacy rights constitutional, the South Asian country drafted a new law to protect its residents’ digital privacy. Under the draft Data Protection Bill it will be illegal to track children online without parental consent. Leading kid-safe digital company in Asia Pacific TotallyAwesome, breaks down what the bill means to advertisers targeting the under-18 demographics.

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