Awesome LTV

Increase your brand’s retention by up to 30%

Nurture brand affinity in your consumer across different life stages, from age 2 to 12 years!

It’s really simple. AwesomeLTV helps brands retain their consumers with the use of our data, the expertise of our team of psychologists, and our unparalleled rich content and engagement experiences, AwesomeLTV helps brands retain their customers across various life stages.


Right Time. Right Place. Right Content.

Awesome LTV empowers brands to maximise their consumers’ lifetime value across different life stages with an extraordinarily deep understanding of how to target the audience and engage them at the right time, the right place, and with the right content for the right product, helping brands drive affinity like never before.

Conscious advertising to fuel business outcomes

Psychology. Cultural Contexts. Age Appropriate.

AwesomeLTV is modeled around recommendations and insights from our team of child psychologists, to ensure that every piece of content isn’t just created in line with the cognitive abilities of the audience across life stages but is also 100% age-appropriate.

But we don’t stop there, AwesomeLTV is loaded with data touchpoints that are keenly market-specific, allowing brands the opportunity to tailor-make their messages and content in the most contextually relevant ways.