Safe social engagement with the under-13 audience

PopJam is our COPPA and GDPR-K-compliant safe-social content platform purpose-built for kids. It’s a safe, moderated community in which kids can engage with their favourite content, influencers and brands, designed specifically for the safety and data privacy requirements of the under-13 audience.

How it goes

Branded Channel

Create a custom branded channel on PopJam, filled with interactive content that kids can follow and engage with.

Content Feed

Customize a moderated content feed based on your PopJam channel, themes, hashtags or keywords surrounding your brand.


Embed the feed directly into your site or app.

Drive Virality

Drive virality by responsibly directing kids to engage with your content within a 100% safe, moderated environment.

What this means for you:

Huge audience engagement

PopJam is used by hundreds of thousands of kids across the globe in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland and Australia. PopJam’s creative and tools let kids create and share art related to their favourite brands. 

PopJam allows kids to develop and share their art using our full suite of creative tools, as well as allowing for other means of creative engagement with filters and sticker packs. Over 30,000,000 pieces of kids content were generated by users in 2018 alone. Quizzes, polls, games and puzzles are also central to PopJam’s hive of content, so on PopJam there is something for everyone. 

PopJam is also the home of filters and games. On PopJam, kids can experiment with Filters that feature all their favourite characters. We also build our own fun interactive games to keep kids engaged.

A safe, positive community

PopJam provides a kid-safe alternative to mainstream social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Advanced AI moderation and human moderation work behind the scenes to make sure all content on PopJam is safe and appropriate for kids. The PopJam kids social media platform is fully COPPA-compliant (certified by kidSAFE Seal) with full support for GDPR-K. 

All ads that run on PopJam are SAFE ADs, using TotallyAwesome’s AwesomeAds. Community guidelines and staff engagement ensure a positive, respectful community.

PopJam Connect

PopJam Connect extends the PopJam kids social media ecosystem, allowing partners to take the kids content created for PopJam and embed it in to apps and websites. Using PopJam Connect, you can bring your audience’s experience to life with a fresh stream of live kids content and high engagement features – and you can do all this without worrying about compliance, moderation costs and community management. Create a conversation with millions of kids worldwide, through a fully-compliant creative kids social engine which spans platforms and devices.

PopJam Kids Insights

PopJam’s highly-engaged audience of kids gives us a direct insight into the trends emerging in the lives of kids globally. Our monthly PopJam Kids Insights Report deep-dives into a series of questions – sign up to download the latest report here.

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