TA Creators

Safe branded content loved by kids and families!

TA Creators is the world’s first YouTube influencer hub designed for the digital safety and privacy requirements of the under-16 audience.  This means that your brand sees results in the safest and most efficient way while reaching your audience on social platforms.

We don’t stop there, our ecosystem allows us to work with moms and families to target a broader co-viewing audience.

Brand safety is our priority

TotallyAwesome ensures your brand is compliant with partnership disclosures on social platforms. And that’s not all, our SafeFam certification empowers Youtubers to better understand the importance of digital safety and privacy, while also  certifying that our TA Creators adhere to producing appropriate content in the kids’ space.

Unbiased talent selection

We hand-select the most engaging content creators to ensure the best fit for your campaign, driving authentic reach with today’s kids and families. Since we do not represent any talent, TotallyAwesome selects talent from the most active and appropriate creators worldwide to fit the objectives of your campaign, all while ensuring that we collaborate with brand-safe and kid-safe talent you can trust. As the landscape is evolving, we are committed to sourcing and working with both established and up and coming talent to ensure that we are on the forefront of new trends to drive effective, measureable and successful campaigns!

TA Creators videos live forever

TA Creators are always on trend, utilising our bespoke influencer network will ensure that your content resonates and feels relevant to the kids on the platforms they love spending their time on; this means that whether it’s YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or emerging platforms such as Twitch, your content doesn’t just stop breathing once the campaign ends. TA Creators is a media investment that continues to provide value even after a campaign concludes.

How TotallyAwesome can help you

Our family-safe and compliant digital media, marketing and content platforms ensure brand experiences for kids and their families are safe, effective and entertaining.

Our Products

Premium marketplace, 1000’s of apps, games and websites, quality and optimised, compliance and safety
A bespoke pool of kids, teens and family influencers, trained and certified from both a compliance and safety perspective.
A Kid, Teen, Family safe and COPPA / GDPR-K compliant D2C way to get your consumers to experience and trial your product
Retention tool helping brands retain consumers across life stages, with the use of data and our insight from our resident child psychologist

Product exclusive to Australia and New Zealand

A handpicked club of cool content creators who inspire others to create, imagine, express and share their creative ideas within a global social community of like-minded kids under 13 years old.

Trusted by over 250 of the top kids
brands and content owners

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