China leaps ahead in child data privacy protections with new regulations


China’s Cyberspace Administration Office has issued new regulations to protect kids’ data privacy online, due to take effect on 1 October 2019. The Regulation on Protection of Children’s Personal Information Online puts into practice the principles of the broader Cyber Security Law (CSL) and the standards set by the Personal Information Security.

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ACCC report proposes stricter regulations on the 90% of kids aged 4-12 who have been on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook


Sydney, Australia (AUG 2019) The Kids’ Digital Insights Study conducted by kid-centric digital media company TotallyAwesome late last year found a whopping 89 percent of parents are worried about their kids’ safety on social media. Among their key concerns are  inappropriate content, cyberbullying and lack of privacy protection. Kids, themselves, are also very much worried about their personal information being shared online, found a recent survey by the company. The results were much higher than anticipated, observed TotallyAwesome’s Chief Operating Officer, Marcus Herrmann. 

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