Who we are

Our kidtech is used by hundreds of brands and content-owners to enable safe digital engagement with the global kids audience. Our technology reaches almost half a billion kids across North America, Europe, LATAM and APAC

What we do

Kidtech solutions for all levels of safe, compliant digital engagement with children

Reach kids

The industry’s leading kid-safe ad platform providing brand solutions for advertisers and content owners.

The power of influencer marketing

Reach and engage with kids through brand-safe influencer marketing through content creation on Social Media.

Engage with kids

Engage with kids safely on the only COPPA/GDPR-K-compliant, safe social content platform purpose-built for kids.

Create, share, inspire!

The TotallyAwesome Squad is a handpicked club of cool content creators inspiring creativity, sharing of ideas, engaging the community and uniting kids from all around the world.

Trusted by over 250 of the top kids
brands and content owners

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